How Application Security Can Prevent Financial Havoc

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flying-dollar-billsI’d like to share an amusing story. One of our customers, a large agricultural company, recently found an unexplained debit of $100,000. They couldn’t figure out why the debit was so large and spent hours and hours on trying to track the problem. Finally, they arrived at a simple answer: one of their clerks forgot to properly exit a field after filling in data… thus adding a few extra zeros to the sum – which resulted in $100,000 instead of only $1!

The CEO of this company happened to see a demo of the iSecurity AP-Journal application security solution – which issues alerts on any change in the databases, and provides reports displaying all database changes over long periods – and immediately decided to purchase it, knowing it would eliminate similar problems in the future.

Now, with AP-Journal, the manager gets an alert on any entry of quantity above 99,000 in the said field. Any exception is immediately reported and swiftly corrected. No more hours spent on useless searching, and no more erroneous financial data.

Written by Shari Masafy, Marketing Communications Manager at Raz-Lee Security
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