5 "Must-Have"s for System i IT Managers

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checklist2I’ve often wondered about what IT Managers – and their superiors – really need in the areas of security and compliance.

The importance of security is pretty obvious: A security breach, be it a hacking trick done by a teenage kid from across the globe or an embezzlement carried out by “an enemy from within“, can easily make the company’s stock value and “bottom line” take a huge nose dive. And don’t forget the personal damage to the manager’s career… That alone is enough to get you to make sure that systems are totally secure and that audit trails exist!

Also, as auditors become more and more powerful in their organization, demanding answers, figures and proof of everything that happens, IT Managers have no choice but to “supply the goods” and the means for these auditors to get their jobs done.

So here are my thoughts on the 5 “must-haves” for IT Managers these days:

1) Click Click – Single click access to a single page summary report, presenting, in a “top-down” manner, all exceptions to security policies on all systems in the environment. One example of such an interface is Raz-Lee’s iSecurity GUI.

2) Take it Easy – Easily enable system administrators, auditors- and managers!- to define, run and schedule compliance reports running over selected systems in their environment.

3) A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words – Single screen graphical (i.e. business intelligence oriented) access to security-oriented data warehouse with on-line drill down capabilities to isolate and identify security breaches and related events. See iSecurity GUI Screens for an example of this.

4) Know Where you StandSingle click assessment of how the site is complying with defined policies (either IBM’s, best practices or the site’s defined baseline policies).

5) Automate It – Automatic responses to potential security breaches and events which will enable identifying the intruder and accumulating court-acceptable evidence.

Raz-Lee’s iSecurity, an advanced System i Security product suite, addresses all 5 “Must Haves” .  Email marketing@razlee.com for a free consultation on the best security solution for you.

Written by Shmuel Zailer, CEO, Raz-Lee Security
Email Shmuel Zailer at marketing@razlee.com

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