Impressions from Common '09

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shmuelWe’re back from Common, the annual “meeting of the minds” for Power i experts, and would like to share our impressions.

One obvious aspect was the mark of the recession – fewer people, but a lot more professionals. Only the real Power i experts attended – which was actually good in a way, since we held more to-the-point discussions with people about essential issues.

We had an enlightening meeting with leading IBM executives (at 06:45 AM… and totally jetlagged), at which Power i was hailed as one of the more successful IBM platforms.

In this meeting, we had a fascinating discussion about the future directions of Power i. I offered my own vision: the creation of an integrated GUI, however basic, to be used by Power i staff.

Also in this meeting, IBM executives described their innovative cooperation with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Iowa State University, and Wright State University, in which students will be taught core concepts based on IBM’s Power Systems and IBM i infrastructure. This is an admirable venture which could do much to expose IT pros to Power i and promote it. I would even be happy to take part in this project myself, and I hope it expands to other countries.

We had some very productive meetings – including sessions with Jeff Uehling, IBM System i Executive, with our US business partners – SEA and Innovatum, as well as with Linda Harty, System i Network’s Executive Editor, and  Alex Woodie, IT Jungle’s Senior Editor.

There was a lot of interest in our booth and iSecurity product portfolio. Many customers stopped by our booth and described how they use our products. Our new Compliance Evaluator generated a lot of interest, and AP-Journal drew instant enthusiasm. A lot of customers asked about PCI compliance – which is a main concern for our customers.

In addition, I gave a presentation on “Tracking Application Activity via the DB-Journal: the Missing Dimension of Information Systems”, which discussed what DB-Journal offers and what it lacks, and how products like iSecurity AP-Journal cover users’ needs. The presentation was well-attended and sparked some interesting discussions.  Feel free to contact me for more info on this.

Written by Shmuel Zailer, CEO, Raz-Lee Security
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