iSecurity Allows International Delta Galil To Closely Monitor System i (iSeries/AS400)

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deltaDelta Galil, a worldwide manufacturer and provider of fashion & basic apparel, has selected iSecurity to protect their System i/AS400  environment.

And here’s what they have to say about iSecurity: “iSecurity offers us a full response to our needs as a public company committed to organized procedures – follow-up on all user access and activity,” said Ashraf Shofani, System i Manager, Delta Galil. “Furthermore, we became acquainted with the system in one day, configured it in a single session, and since then it has run automatically.”

As a public company, Delta Galil (TLV: DELT) is obligated to ensure transparency and close control of its information systems and System i environment. Accordingly, they monitor network access, perform system auditing using Firewall and Audit products, and submit user access reports.

After examining several products on the market, Delta decided on iSecurity solution, due to its ability to produce reports which are fully customized to the company’s requirements. Delta was particularly impressed with iSecurity’s easy deployment and user interface, facilitating the corporate System i security experience.

Delta’s iSecurity solution includes:
Firewall – secures every type of network access to and from the System i.
Password – integrates all OS/400 password management capabilities, blocking non-secure passwords.
Screen – protects unattended terminal screens.
Audit – reports on user activities and object access in real-time, including multi-system environments.
Action – invokes corrective and reporting procedures for detected security breaches in other iSecurity modules, and sends emails, SMS and SYSLOG messages.
User Profile Manager – presents comprehensive information on user profiles
AP-Journal Regulation Compliance – reports on changes in application databases.

Using Firewall, the Delta team monitors all access – both internal and external – to the system, and when anyone commits a breach, the System i manager immediately gets an alert. Using Audit, the manager gets reports on the use of specific software on which Delta is obligated to report. The manager is notified whenever someone attempts to access a file or library which is blocked.

Written by Shari Masafy, MarCom Manager at Raz-Lee Security
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