Raz-Lee System i Experts Provide Free Guidance to Italian Enterprises on Implementation of New Data Security Regulation

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isecurity_italyRaz-Lee Security has launched an innovative educational venture, in order to help Italian enterprises understand and implement the new amendments to the Italian Privacy Code 196/2003, concerning System Administrators’ role in company’s data security.

The new legislation specifies procedures for data protection, including technical and administrative measures which companies are required to implement. It holds IT departments directly responsible for user access and actions relating to companies’ information systems. Obviously, this has significant implications on System i Security as well. The legislation is expected to come into effect on June 30th 2009, after being publicized on 14 January 2009, followed by subsequent delays in its enforcement.

In the framework of the new venture, Raz-Lee has been holding free seminars explaining the requirements of the new legislation and how to implement it on System i. The sessions are conducted by Raz-Lee System i Security experts residing in Italy, who also provide ongoing technical support to Raz-Lee’s Italian customers. The meetings are conducted in intimate forums, with up to seven companies attending, in order to enable effective interactive discussions.

So far, Raz-Lee has held over 30 Round Table meetings across Italy, from Milan and Como to Naples and Sicily. Following the success and enthusiastic feedback from attending companies, Raz-Lee will continue to host such meetings. The meetings are attended by IT staff as well as top management of Italian companies.

The Round Table meetings cover the following topics:

Security Assessment of System i
Access monitoring & Control (FTP, ODBC, SQL)
System auditing
– Centralized Management
– Reporting

“We are glad to be contributing tangible value to Italian enterprises in the area of our expertise, System i Security,” said Nicola Fusco, South Europe Area Manager, Raz-Lee Security. “We have a large, long-standing installed base in Italy, and it has widened further since we began this exceptional tour.”

For more information on Round Table meetings in Italy, email info.southeurope@razlee.com

Written by Shari Masafy, MarCom Manager at Raz-Lee Security
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