How Can i Do PCI? FREE Webcast Sponsored by Raz-Lee & SEA

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webcastMany IBM i customers cringe when they think of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). But there’s no need to be afraid of it. The operating system provides all of the raw tools needed for compliance and if you would rather not get your hands too dirty there are 3rd party products to help too.

Patrick Botz During this FREE, one-hour webcast, Pat Botz discusses the 12 primary PCI requirements and matches them up with operating system provided functions that help you manage and achieve compliance. In addition, Pat will note the requirements that many customers use to choose 3rd party products that make compliance easier, faster, and/or cheaper to achieve.

About the speaker:
Patrick Botz is the principal consultant and founder of Botz & Associates, Inc. He has a wealth of experience particularly in the information security field as well as in the computer industry in general.

He joined IBM in Rochester, MN in 1989 where he held several positions. In 2005, Pat started and headed the IBM Lab Services Security Consulting practice where he worked with customers worldwide until he left IBM in November 2007.

Pat is also the author of numerous trade press articles and a co-author of the book “Expert’s Guide to OS/400 and i5/OS Security.” In addition, he is a world-wide speaker on various platform specific and general security topics.

When? September 29th, 2009 12:00 PM EST   through   1:00 PM EST

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Tel: 1-800-650-1801 (US)

The Webinar is sponsored by SEA (Software Engineers of America), Raz-Lee’s partner, which successfully sells iSecurity in the US.

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