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imanifest_logoRaz-Lee Security, whose Japanese business partner, Sanwa Comtec is one of the leaders behind the original iManifest initiative in Japan, has recently joined both iManifest US and iManifest EMEA .

Raz-Lee strongly believes that the worldwide community of IBM’s Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) needs to speak out in a coordinated public relations offensive to ensure that the best business server ever designed – now called the Power i – be allocated the marketing budget and attention it deserves from IBM management.

We are committed to actively participating in the iManifest ventures and, based upon our nearly 30 years of i experience, will contribute to re-invigorating the platform to the benefit of the worldwide community In the words of Martin Fincham who is leading the iManifest EMEA initiative: “IBM needs to paint a … compelling future for the IBM i in bright, vivid colors and get the word out via traditional channels and by cultivating its to-die-for loyal user base and partner ecosystem. It can be done… Dispel the myths, tell great stories and commit to a compelling future that others can trust and buy into.”

For more info click iManifest USĀ or iManifest EMEA .

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