The First International Bank of Israel Chooses Raz-Lee’s iSecurity Solution for Protection of the System i Servers in the Bank’s Information Systems

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fibiRaz-Lee Security Inc., a leading vendor of security solutions for IBM System i computers, announced that the First International Bank of Israel (FIBI) selected Raz-Lee’s iSecurity solution to provide comprehensive security for the System i servers in the bank’s information systems.

The First International Bank deployed iSecurity in several computers at first, and after the system proved its capabilities, the project was expanded to additional computers. This extension was implemented following an assessment of the products and the market, based on the understanding that iSecurity provides the most comprehensive and immediate solution for the bank’s needs.

The iSecurity solution chosen by FIBI includes Firewall, which secures all types of external access to the bank’s computers, and Audit, which monitors user activity, access and actions which took place in the financial systems.

The bank’s IT personnel utilize the flexibility of the system to easily define, change and remove security rules, in accordance with the changing security needs of the bank and the increasing security threats.

“We are proud to serve a customer as prominent as FIBI,” said Eli Spitz, VP Business Development, Raz-Lee Security. “Banks and financial organizations, which handle particularly sensitive information, are precisely the clients for whom we developed iSecurity. Our system provides airtight protection for the customer’s System i servers and enables effective, convenient monitoring of all user permissions and activities.”

About the First International Bank of Israel
First International Bank of Israel (FIBI) is Israel’s fifth largest banking group. FIBI provides its clients with a full range of financial services including credit, deposits, securities, foreign exchange, financial derivatives, international trade, mortgages, pension consulting, mutual funds, portfolio management, international banking, underwriting and leasing.

FIBI group includes a number of subsidiaries: Poaley Agudat Israel Bank (PAGI), a leading bank serving the ultra-orthodox community; Bank Otsar Hahayal, a bank that focuses on the household segment and serves customers from the security forces; UBank, which specializes in private banking and Bank Masad which focuses on serving the teachers community. The FIBI group has more than 170 branches in Israel, and also has branches in London and Zurich.

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