New Native Object Security Management Module Joins Raz-Lee’s iSecurity Suite

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Raz-Lee Security, a leading supplier of information security solutions for the IBM Power i, has enhanced its iSecurity product suite with a new Native Object Security management module.

Defining security rights for native objects is the basis for all Power i security. However, these activities are work-intensive and therefore very susceptible to errors and oversights.

 iSecurity’s Native Object Security capabilities enable system administrators to easily define target security levels per object and object type, and to check for inconsistencies between actual and planned object security settings. They also enable using generic object names, and include full reporting features.

 Native Object Security capabilities include:

  • Setting up multiple object security rules simultaneously, using generic naming capabilities
  • Checking target (planned) settings with the current object security status, and showing inconsistencies
  • Setting the current security status to the planned status
  • Defining Object Owner, Authorization List, Primary Group, and specific user authorities (Add/Replace)
  • Setting Audit value and Reset usage count
  • Full reporting capabilities including OUTFILE

 “We strive to maximize the user’s flexibility and variety of options,” said Eli Spitz, VP Business Development, Raz-Lee Security. “Accordingly, iSecurity supports both general and specific security settings, be it individual security levels for each and every object, or special temporary authorities for emergency cases. This allows the security settings to reflect the customer’s exact needs, with little or no constraints”.

Written by Shari Masafy, MarCom Manager at Raz-Lee
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