New User Profile & System Value Replication Modules Added to Raz-Lee’s iSecurity

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Raz-Lee Security has enhanced the iSecurity product suite with advanced User Profile & System Value Replication modules, including the ability to restore previously deleted user profile definitions.

The recent trend of consolidating servers has led to the increasing prevalence of multi-system and multi-LPAR shops. Companies have found it mandatory that system administrators and users alike synchronize user profile definitions, user passwords and system values between the different systems, allowing for exceptions as needed in Production, Test or Development systems. Such synchronization should be accomplished with minimum overhead to both the actual systems and the personnel mandated with managing user profile information.

As a result of the growing demand for data synchronization, Raz-Lee has added the following capabilities to iSecurity, its flagship Power i Security system:

• Flexible user-defined replication rules defining user profiles, passwords and parameters to be replicated

• Definition of destination system(s) for replication

• Bulk updates of user profiles

• Setting of System Values to optimal value or site-defined baseline values

• Replication of all, group or individual system values

• Collection & display of network-wide replication results

• Revival of deleted users, with an option to modify parameters

• Can be initiated from any system in the environment and does not require special commands

“We are excited to be able to offer our customers these important capabilities, which help streamline corporate IT tasks,” said Shmuel Zailer, CEO, Raz-Lee Security. “As top experts in the field of Power i security, it is our mission to continually improve iSecurity and allow our users maximum convenience and control of the system – with minimum overhead”.

Written by Shari Masafy, MarCom Manager at Raz-Lee Security
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