Case Study: Insurance company satisfies auditor’s SOX demands with Audit & AP-Journal

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A large insurance company’s external auditor declared Raz-Lee’s solution described below to be “bullet-proof and SOX-compliant”.

This company uses AP-Journal to easily create a daily report, automatically e-mailed to the auditors, of non-application programs (such as DFU) which changed business-critical production data! Obviously this report should always be empty… therefore any record appearing in this report must be investigated by internal auditors.

To do exactly this, Raz-Lee’s Audit product is used to ensure that the AP-Journal jobs are always up and running, and recording database changes. An additional benefit to auditors is that any changes made to product definitions are automatically alerted to them directly.

The sum total of capabilities described above answered auditor’s requests in these SOX-critical areas! Click here for more details about Raz-Lee’s SOX solutions.

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