DB-Gate Case Studies

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Raz-Lee Security’s DB-Gate product (see http://www.razlee.com/products/security/dbgate/dbgate.php ) enables native IBM i access to any SQL database hosted on IBM i , Linux, Unix and Windows servers. These can be DB2 as well as non-DB2 databases such as Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, etc.

Databases are accessed using standard SQL embedded in native IBM i programs or via STRSQL; no APIs or vendor-specific features are required.

DB-Gate was released about 2 years ago and has been sold to tens of customers worldwide. Click on the following link to read about actual DB-Gate Case Studies at 3 of our leading customers: http://www.razlee.com/products/security/dbgate/DB-Gate-Case-Studies.pdf .


Contact marketing@razlee.com for more details.

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