Raz-Lee’s YouTube Channel: More than 5,000 Views!

Have you recently accessed our 25 YouTube videos? With a total of more than 5,000 views, our videos are just what the Facebook-Twitter-LinkedIn-WhatsApp generation wants in order to become quickly acquainted with our security, auditing and compliance solutions.

We’ve got loads of interesting “How-To”  and “Tips and Tricks” videos which solve real day-to-day issues. Most of our videos are based upon our GUI which covers 100% of the green-screen solutions, as well as on our Visualizer Business Intelligence solution.

Visualizer is a great “slice-and-dice” tool which uses our proprietary IBM i security data warehouse to enable you to quickly analyze many millions (and tens and hundreds of millions) of system journal (QAUDJRN) records and network access events. Investigating suspicious security-related events to find the “needle-in-the-haystack” takes seconds using Visualizer!

We highly recommend you access Raz-Lee’s YouTube Channel today!

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Field & PGP Encryption Article in IT Jungle

Raz-Lee Security’s NEW Field and PGP Encryption product (see http://www.razlee.com/products/security/encryption_tokenization_o.php ) is already being used successfully at companies worldwide.

The latest (good!) news is that Alex Woodie of IT Jungle interviewed Raz-Lee’s CEO/CTO, Shmuel Zailer, at the COMMON US conference in May in New Orleans.

We recommend you read Alex’s great write-up of the interview at http://www.itjungle.com/tfh/tfh072016-story03.html .

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DB-Gate Case Studies

Raz-Lee Security’s DB-Gate product (see http://www.razlee.com/products/security/dbgate/dbgate.php ) enables native IBM i access to any SQL database hosted on IBM i , Linux, Unix and Windows servers. These can be DB2 as well as non-DB2 databases such as Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, etc.

Databases are accessed using standard SQL embedded in native IBM i programs or via STRSQL; no APIs or vendor-specific features are required.

DB-Gate was released about 2 years ago and has been sold to tens of customers worldwide. Click on the following link to read about actual DB-Gate Case Studies at 3 of our leading customers: http://www.razlee.com/products/security/dbgate/DB-Gate-Case-Studies.pdf .


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US car parts manufacturer’s suggestion to extend Authority on Demand functionality helps others too!

A very strategic US-based everything-you-need-for-your-car parts manufacturer trialed Authority on Demand in order to temporarily provide higher authorities to executing jobs and to enforce strict auditing reporting capabilities during the period when a job ran with higher authorities.

This company was all set to purchase AOD except that the product supported, as expected, providing higher authority to interactive jobs only. However, this particular company needed to provide temporary higher authorities to submitted jobs also which was not part of the product’s features!

Raz-Lee’s developers love challenges, so this company’s expectations are now a reality which benefits many AOD customers: batch jobs can also use Authority on Demand to temporarily add higher authorities to the currently running job, just like interactive users!

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Case Study: Industrial giant purchases Change Tracker following a 1-week Proof of Concept (POC)!

Raz-Lee’s Change Tracker product, which automatically tracks object and source changes made to production libraries, was recently presented to a publicly-traded household care products manufacturer and wholesaler.

Towards the end of a one-week POC, the company’s CFO and CIO received Change Tracker’s reports; they commented that after having invested in writing an in-house product without success, they were glad to see output which was exactly what the auditor’s requested!

These C-level execs, impressed by the minimal amount of product set up required, authorized the immediate purchase of Change Tracker for their numerous servers.

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Case Study: Insurance company satisfies auditor’s SOX demands with Audit & AP-Journal

A large insurance company’s external auditor declared Raz-Lee’s solution described below to be “bullet-proof and SOX-compliant”.

This company uses AP-Journal to easily create a daily report, automatically e-mailed to the auditors, of non-application programs (such as DFU) which changed business-critical production data! Obviously this report should always be empty… therefore any record appearing in this report must be investigated by internal auditors.

To do exactly this, Raz-Lee’s Audit product is used to ensure that the AP-Journal jobs are always up and running, and recording database changes. An additional benefit to auditors is that any changes made to product definitions are automatically alerted to them directly.

The sum total of capabilities described above answered auditor’s requests in these SOX-critical areas! Click here for more details about Raz-Lee’s SOX solutions.

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Case Study: Mortgage Bank realizes competitive advantage using AP-Journal

Most of us have taken out a home mortgage at least once and those who have, know that it’s impossible to keep track, over the 20 or 25 year lifespan of the mortgage, of all the changes made to the mortgage!

A leading mortgage bank used Raz-Lee Security’s AP-Journal product for application auditing and security, to position themselves as unique among their competitors by periodically providing customers with a “Mortgage Timeline Report”. This report concisely lists all changes made to the customer’s mortgage since its beginning, leading customers to much better understand their mortgage life-cycle.

The mortgage bank also uses AP-Journal together with HP’s ArcSight SIEM product to provide what their auditor’s say is a “built-proof” auditing solution for all database activities taking place on their IBM i. Using this functionality, the bank was able to cancel maintenance for the IBM i component of a competitive product.

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JELD-WEN Germany relies on iSecurity by Raz-Lee Security

Roedental, Germany 10 June 2013 – Raz-Lee Security Inc., a leading provider of IBM i security, auditing and compliance solutions, today announced that JELD-WEN Germany has purchased a number of iSecurity solutions by Raz-Lee Security.

JELD-WEN Germany is a part of the global JELD-WEN group of companies, a leading interior door manufacturer. William Stamp, responsible for security and compliance at JELD-WEN Germany, chose to work with iSecurity after checking numerous alternative solutions.

JELD-WEN began working with iSecurity in October 2012 with the use of Firewall for logging and controlling access to the central IBM i system. Firewall was installed quickly and was productive in the context of further customer demands, so the interest in the product grew over time.

In November 2012 they began implementing iSecurity Authority on Demand in order to check the specific eligibility requirements of corporate employees. They installed Change Tracker to audit and report on changes of objects in production libraries, in particular for their internal Change Gear solution in order to synchronize their internal ticketing system for application development. It was extremely relevant important to JELD-WEN that Change Tracker can record and audit 100% of the object changes made. Moreover, these changes are added to Change Gear ticket numbers. Thus, a completely auditable change management chain is ensured.

In March 2013, JELD-WEN continued with the successful implementation of the above-mentioned iSecurity modules and installed Audit and Visualizer Business Intelligence (BI) to cover additional requirements in the area of compliance reporting. In parallel, JELD-WEN’s sister company implemented the iSecurity solutions at their Sweden facility.

JELD-WEN Germany

JELD-WEN Germany is a leading supplier of interior door solutions. They have two production sites in Mittweida and Oettingen and distribution sites in Hamburg and Gütersloh where a wide range of doors and door frames are manufactured using the latest technologies and nearly 900 highly motivated employees.

Raz-Lee Security GmbH and iSecurity

Raz-Lee Security is a leading international provider of security, auditing and compliance (SOX, PCI, HIPAA, etc.) solutions for the IBM i. Raz-Lee’s customers include companies of all sizes, from SMBs to enterprises with hundreds of systems across all vertical markets and industries. Financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies are represented especially wide among the Raz-Lee customers.

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