Raz-Lee’s YouTube Channel: More than 5,000 Views!

Have you recently accessed our 25 YouTube videos? With a total of more than 5,000 views, our videos are just what the Facebook-Twitter-LinkedIn-WhatsApp generation wants in order to become quickly acquainted with our security, auditing and compliance solutions.

We’ve got loads of interesting “How-To”  and “Tips and Tricks” videos which solve real day-to-day issues. Most of our videos are based upon our GUI which covers 100% of the green-screen solutions, as well as on our Visualizer Business Intelligence solution.

Visualizer is a great “slice-and-dice” tool which uses our proprietary IBM i security data warehouse to enable you to quickly analyze many millions (and tens and hundreds of millions) of system journal (QAUDJRN) records and network access events. Investigating suspicious security-related events to find the “needle-in-the-haystack” takes seconds using Visualizer!

We highly recommend you access Raz-Lee’s YouTube Channel today!

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Field & PGP Encryption Article in IT Jungle

Raz-Lee Security’s NEW Field and PGP Encryption product (see http://www.razlee.com/products/security/encryption_tokenization_o.php ) is already being used successfully at companies worldwide.

The latest (good!) news is that Alex Woodie of IT Jungle interviewed Raz-Lee’s CEO/CTO, Shmuel Zailer, at the COMMON US conference in May in New Orleans.

We recommend you read Alex’s great write-up of the interview at http://www.itjungle.com/tfh/tfh072016-story03.html .

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DB-Gate Case Studies

Raz-Lee Security’s DB-Gate product (see http://www.razlee.com/products/security/dbgate/dbgate.php ) enables native IBM i access to any SQL database hosted on IBM i , Linux, Unix and Windows servers. These can be DB2 as well as non-DB2 databases such as Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, etc.

Databases are accessed using standard SQL embedded in native IBM i programs or via STRSQL; no APIs or vendor-specific features are required.

DB-Gate was released about 2 years ago and has been sold to tens of customers worldwide. Click on the following link to read about actual DB-Gate Case Studies at 3 of our leading customers: http://www.razlee.com/products/security/dbgate/DB-Gate-Case-Studies.pdf .


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Case Study: Mortgage Bank realizes competitive advantage using AP-Journal

Most of us have taken out a home mortgage at least once and those who have, know that it’s impossible to keep track, over the 20 or 25 year lifespan of the mortgage, of all the changes made to the mortgage!

A leading mortgage bank used Raz-Lee Security’s AP-Journal product for application auditing and security, to position themselves as unique among their competitors by periodically providing customers with a “Mortgage Timeline Report”. This report concisely lists all changes made to the customer’s mortgage since its beginning, leading customers to much better understand their mortgage life-cycle.

The mortgage bank also uses AP-Journal together with HP’s ArcSight SIEM product to provide what their auditor’s say is a “built-proof” auditing solution for all database activities taking place on their IBM i. Using this functionality, the bank was able to cancel maintenance for the IBM i component of a competitive product.

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IBM i Native, Agent-less, SQL Access to Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL and other DBs

Raz-Lee Security’s DB-Gate also enables SQL queries to Excel, CSV and other data sources without middleware

Raz-Lee Security announced today the release of a unique database access product, DB-Gate, which enables IBM i (AS/400) users to connect to virtually any type of remote database or data source without any middleware (software or hardware). This patent-pending technology utilizes standard SQL statements and works from all native SQL commands and programming languages.

Click here to read the all the details.

Raz-Lee Security is now offering a time-limited trial of DB-Gate.

In addition, the company will be hosting 3 live webinars to demo the product at 10AM EST on Thursday April 5th and Wednesdays April 11th and 18th.
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