Effortless User Password Resetting on IBM i

Raz-Lee’s Password Reset Product Enhances & Streamlines Password Authentication

Raz-Lee Security announced today the immediate availability of Password Reset, a user password self -authentication product which enables IBM i (AS/400) based companies to provide their users with a quick, reliable and easy-to-use process for resetting their passwords.

As security and compliance become ever-increasing issues which companies are required to deal with, the importance of protecting and coordinating user passwords becomes that much more central to the on-going functioning of these organizations. With this in mind, Password Reset is designed to allow users to control the resetting of their own passwords, while at the same time offloading a task which is both time consuming and is a potential security breach, from Help Desk personnel and system administrators.

By authenticating users via a simple e-mail based process using personal questions whose answers are known only to the users, Password Reset will become a mainstay in all organizations, especially those with many tens of users at the least.

Shmuel Zailer, CEO and CTO at Raz-Lee Security stated: “This new product, requested by many of our current iSecurity customers, is the perfect solution for cost-sensitive organizations to save money while at the same time providing increased benefit and security to their user community, by streamlining user password procedures to the benefit of all.”

New Command Product for Securing & Monitoring IBM i CL Commands

Provides Unique Ability to Refer to Items in Complex Parameters (Qualifiers, Elements…)

Raz-Lee Security, a leading provider of IBM i security, auditing and compliance solutions, announced today the immediate availability of Command for total control over system & user defined CL commands.

Command provides the ability to control CL commands, their parameters, origin, context (i.e. the program which initiated the CL command), the user issuing the CL command, etc., and provides easy-to-define ways to react to these situations.  Command is the only product that has the ability to refer, for analysis or change, to each part of a complex parameter separately, as well as to the parameter as a whole.

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