Raz-Lee’s YouTube Channel: More than 5,000 Views!

Have you recently accessed our 25 YouTube videos? With a total of more than 5,000 views, our videos are just what the Facebook-Twitter-LinkedIn-WhatsApp generation wants in order to become quickly acquainted with our security, auditing and compliance solutions.

We’ve got loads of interesting “How-To”  and “Tips and Tricks” videos which solve real day-to-day issues. Most of our videos are based upon our GUI which covers 100% of the green-screen solutions, as well as on our Visualizer Business Intelligence solution.

Visualizer is a great “slice-and-dice” tool which uses our proprietary IBM i security data warehouse to enable you to quickly analyze many millions (and tens and hundreds of millions) of system journal (QAUDJRN) records and network access events. Investigating suspicious security-related events to find the “needle-in-the-haystack” takes seconds using Visualizer!

We highly recommend you access Raz-Lee’s YouTube Channel today!

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Case Study: Industrial giant purchases Change Tracker following a 1-week Proof of Concept (POC)!

Raz-Lee’s Change Tracker product, which automatically tracks object and source changes made to production libraries, was recently presented to a publicly-traded household care products manufacturer and wholesaler.

Towards the end of a one-week POC, the company’s CFO and CIO received Change Tracker’s reports; they commented that after having invested in writing an in-house product without success, they were glad to see output which was exactly what the auditor’s requested!

These C-level execs, impressed by the minimal amount of product set up required, authorized the immediate purchase of Change Tracker for their numerous servers.

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Loss of Data Trail = Loss of 5M Euros

broke2Check out this noteworthy real-life security story: a major European high-tech company (we’ll call it Company X) couldn’t trace a certain large sum after it had been transferred between several different systems throughout the company. Unfortunately for Company X, the authorities claimed it was income…

When Company X tried to prove otherwise, they found that the trail of the sum was too complex to trace. They put numerous managers to the task of trying to trace this sum, but no go. It was impossible for the company to prove that the sum was not income.

To make a long story short, Company X had to pay 5 Million Euros! Arggghhh…

What could have given this story a fairytale ending?  A security solution that tracks all changes in application databases, throughout all the company’s systems. A solution that provides clear reports, displaying all changes which occurred over long periods, on a single timeline. This could have been just the proof that Company X needed to rescue it from its tight spot.

Such as solution was actually developed by Raz-Lee Security, and is called AP-Journal. An Application Security and Business Analysis Solution for System i, AP-Journal protects business-critical information, keeping managers closely informed of all changes in their databases using real-time alerts and cross-application reports.
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Written by Shari Masafy, MarCom Manager at Raz-Lee Security
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