Raz-Lee’s YouTube Channel: More than 5,000 Views!

Have you recently accessed our 25 YouTube videos? With a total of more than 5,000 views, our videos are just what the Facebook-Twitter-LinkedIn-WhatsApp generation wants in order to become quickly acquainted with our security, auditing and compliance solutions.

We’ve got loads of interesting “How-To”  and “Tips and Tricks” videos which solve real day-to-day issues. Most of our videos are based upon our GUI which covers 100% of the green-screen solutions, as well as on our Visualizer Business Intelligence solution.

Visualizer is a great “slice-and-dice” tool which uses our proprietary IBM i security data warehouse to enable you to quickly analyze many millions (and tens and hundreds of millions) of system journal (QAUDJRN) records and network access events. Investigating suspicious security-related events to find the “needle-in-the-haystack” takes seconds using Visualizer!

We highly recommend you access Raz-Lee’s YouTube Channel today!

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Meuhedet, a Major Israeli Health Fund, Chooses iSecurity!

meuhedet_logoMehuhedet, one of Israel’s major health funds, has selected our very own iSecurity solution for protecting its System i environment. Meuhedet’s iSecurity implementation includes Firewall, a solution supplying complete protection from infiltrations and unauthorized access, covering all relevant protocols. It also includes an IDS (Intrusion Detection System generating real time alerts) and Screen, a solution for protection of unattended workstations.

And how do they use it? First and foremost, for monitoring internal and external access to the server, blocking unauthorized users and checking problems with the entry attempts of users who have proper permissions. iSecurity also enables monitoring the entries into the system and watching the data on each entry through a user-friendly log.

What does the customer have to say about iSecurity? “iSecurity gets the job done,” said Itsik Rejiniano, a System Programmer at Meuhedet Health Fund. “It provides total protection for the server, but on the other hand, offers the user easy and effective management capabilities.”

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Written by Shari Masafy, MarCom Manager at Raz-Lee Security
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Why Invest in Information Security During a Recession?

Piggy Bank Savings Female Half FilledThe recession has been here for quite a while, and each company must rethink and adjust their strategy and expenditures to suit the unstable economy. In most cases,  this means companies will only invest in what they consider essential.

Is information security essential? I think so. Here is why information security becomes even more vital in a time of recession:

  • Time of increased security risks – In a recession, more people are hard-pressed for money and have large debts; more people are unemployed, bored and angry. And don’t forget all those employees you fired last week, who could well be looking for revenge… all these people are potential hackers and embezzlers.
  • NOT a time to expand your losses – In a recession, all companies suffer financially. However, no one can afford to expand losses by losing huge sums to hackers.
  • Time to automate your tasks – In a Down Market, you have to make do with fewer employees. This means you have to be more efficient. Sophisticated security tools, such as iSecurity, can save you lots of time, with wizards, report generators, real-time alerts, and more. 
  • Time to prepare for the upturn – Now, when sales are low, concentrate on preparing your infrastructure for the day after the recession, when you will have to focus on expanding sales and marketing.
  • Time for Musts only – Security is a Must. It is not a nice-to-have new project. It is safeguarding what you already have and treasure most – your business-critical information.

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Written by Shari Masafy, Marketing Communications Manager, Raz-Lee Security
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5 "Must-Have"s for System i IT Managers

checklist2I’ve often wondered about what IT Managers – and their superiors – really need in the areas of security and compliance.

The importance of security is pretty obvious: A security breach, be it a hacking trick done by a teenage kid from across the globe or an embezzlement carried out by “an enemy from within“, can easily make the company’s stock value and “bottom line” take a huge nose dive. And don’t forget the personal damage to the manager’s career… That alone is enough to get you to make sure that systems are totally secure and that audit trails exist!

Also, as auditors become more and more powerful in their organization, demanding answers, figures and proof of everything that happens, IT Managers have no choice but to “supply the goods” and the means for these auditors to get their jobs done.

So here are my thoughts on the 5 “must-haves” for IT Managers these days:

1) Click Click – Single click access to a single page summary report, presenting, in a “top-down” manner, all exceptions to security policies on all systems in the environment. One example of such an interface is Raz-Lee’s iSecurity GUI.

2) Take it Easy – Easily enable system administrators, auditors- and managers!- to define, run and schedule compliance reports running over selected systems in their environment.

3) A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words – Single screen graphical (i.e. business intelligence oriented) access to security-oriented data warehouse with on-line drill down capabilities to isolate and identify security breaches and related events. See iSecurity GUI Screens for an example of this.

4) Know Where you StandSingle click assessment of how the site is complying with defined policies (either IBM’s, best practices or the site’s defined baseline policies).

5) Automate It – Automatic responses to potential security breaches and events which will enable identifying the intruder and accumulating court-acceptable evidence.

Raz-Lee’s iSecurity, an advanced System i Security product suite, addresses all 5 “Must Haves” .  Email marketing@razlee.com for a free consultation on the best security solution for you.

Written by Shmuel Zailer, CEO, Raz-Lee Security
Email Shmuel Zailer at marketing@razlee.com