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iSecurity AP Journal
Server Application Security & Business Analysis Solution

iSecurity AP Journal is an Application Security and Business Analysis Solution for iSeries servers (System i or AS/400), which protects business-critical information from insider threats and from external security breaches. It keeps managers closely informed of all changes in their valuable information assets and streamlines iSeries journaling procedures.

AP Journal Features
  • Real-time alerts indicating changes in business-critical data; these application alerts are activated by user-defined thresholds.
  • Comprehensive reports displaying all application changes on a single timeline
  • Reports can integrate information from all the organization's applications
  • Reports in various formats (online, print, PDF, email, etc.)
  • Flexible filtering capabilities for selection of detail level and categories
  • Enables users to meet regulatory requirements such as SOX, HIPAA, and PCI
  • Easy to use, requires minimal setup and disk space
  • Complements high availability iSeries products by ensuring full journal receiver synchronization
  • Efficient long-term storage based on special journal containers rather than iSeries journal receivers; reports can be based on these journal containers or on receivers
  • Can be OEM-ed by application vendors to provide their business-critical applications with an added level of control, compliance and alerts

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