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iSecurity Application Security Suite
Protection for Journal Databases

The iSecurity Application Security Suite includes products which protect business-critical application databases from unauthorized access and monitor user activities relating to application databases in iSeries servers (System i or AS/400).

Application Security Products
  • AP-Journal

    • Issues real-time alerts indicating changes in business-critical data. These application alerts are activated by thresholds defined by the user.
    • Generates comprehensive reports displaying all changes in journal databases on a single timeline. The reports can integrate data from numerous applications. Complements high availability iSeries products by ensuring full synchronization of journal receivers
    • Can be OEM-ed by application vendors to provide their business-critical applications with an added level of application control and compliance.

  • Capture

    • Captures green screen user images, archives them offline, and enables searching screen sessions for incriminating evidence and playing back user sessions.

  • View

    • Restricts access of unauthorized users to specific database records or to specific fields.
    • Protects and controls display of classified data on screen

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