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iSecurity Audit
Advanced AS400 Auditing Solution

iSecurity Audit provides monitoring and reporting on all activity in the AS400 environment, including real-time AS400 audits.

iSecurity Audit Features
  • Real-time, unified view of all documented activity for all Audit Journal (QAUDJRN) files
  • Server Audit Trail displayed in a simple manner, with explanations for each log file line, in order to assist non-technical users
  • Collection and display of changes in User Profiles
  • Powerful Report Generator to quickly and intuitively define audit reports
  • Report scheduler to run reports at pre-defined times
  • Over 300 built-in reports covering both common and abnormal server activity
  • Intuitive interface for managing all Audit Journal parameters
  • Scheduling function to trigger audits/recordings by selectable criteria
  • Automatic maintenance mode, generating a daily audit log
  • Comprehensive system for managing and controlling disk space

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