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Automatic and Effortless Auditing of Program and File Changes on IBM i

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Automatic and Effortless Auditing of Program and
File Changes on IBM i

Raz-Lee's Change Tracker automatically records
every revision at source and object levels

Nanuet, NY (May 2, 2012) - Raz-Lee Security announced today the immediate availability of Change Tracker which enables IBM i (AS/400) companies to automatically and comprehensively trace software modifications at both the source and object levels.

With the increasing awareness and adherence to industry-wide regulations such as SOX, HIPAA, PCI, auditing and traceability - especially within production libraries - have become issues of major importance. Change Tracker is dedicated to automatically monitoring and logging object changes at both the source and object levels. Since Change Tracker relies solely on the actual updates within a library, no manual intervention is required.

Based on the QAUDJRN system journal, Change Tracker provides a robust and comprehensive solution that cannot be bypassed. Working in real-time, it can automatically record every revision and collect all information relevant to the modifications made, including object attributes, source code, changes to file structures and more!

Shmuel Zailer, CEO and CTO at Raz-Lee Security stated: "The product is the perfect solution for small and mid-sized enterprises, but suits also large entities which use a Change Management Systems (CMS) as a verification tool to ensure that all changes were properly recorded. This effortless product comes with a comprehensive report generator which can schedule periodic e-mails with HTML or PDF reports."

While a typical CMS generally offers control over the full change management process, Change Tracker is geared to companies that specifically need to trace details that an auditor is most interested in researching, such as programs that entered into a production library. At the same time, Change Tracker enables users to specify activities which can be disregarded, such as files that are already being tracked effectively by their CMS. Companies can classify different types of log entries in accordance with in-house conventions, helping them quickly identify applications, projects and tasks in each library.

Eli Spitz, VP Business Development at Raz-Lee Security added: "With the release of Change Tracker, small and mid-sized enterprises can quickly implement an easy-to-use, cost-effective object tracking system which logs the essential data that auditors require to meet industry-wide regulations. It lets them tailor reports according to definitions for specific libraries, as well as identify who made suspicious changes and when."

Click here to read more about Change Tracker.

About Raz-Lee Security Inc. and iSecurity

Raz-Lee Security is a leading international provider of security, auditing and compliance (SOX, PCI, HIPAA, etc.) solutions for the IBM i. Raz-Lee's customers include companies of all sizes, from SMBs to enterprises with hundreds of systems, in all vertical markets and industries. Financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies are especially well represented amongst Raz-Lee's clientele.

For further information please contact:
Eli Spitz
Vice President, Business Development
Raz-Lee Security Inc.
Tel. (US): 1-888-729-5334
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