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Raz-Lee's iSecurity Now Supports QSH and PASE Logging, Reporting & Alerting

Industry-unique capability is a no-cost addition to iSecurity Audit

Nanuet, NY (December 12, 2011) - Raz-Lee Security, a leading provider of IBM i security, auditing and compliance solutions, announced today the immediate availability of logging QSHELL for QSH and PASE in the IBM i. Whereas native OS/400 provides methods to log standard OS/400 commands, it does not provide a method to log QSHELL commands; this is now provided by the unique capabilities added to iSecurity Audit.

Commands that are part of the QSHELL environment (such as grep, cut, cp, rm and ls) can be used, for example, to delete files, write to files, create directories, etc. Raz-Lee's solution works both on commands which are entered during an interactive session, as well as commands which are entered as parameters in the QSH and STRQSH commands.

OS/400's inability to log QSHELL activity left an opening in the overall IBM i auditing process, and imposed a serious security risk to the organization. This has become significantly more serious with the ever-increasing use of this environment in IBM i shops.

PASE provides an integrated IBM i run-time environment that allows execution of selected UNIX applications without the complexity of managing a UNIX system. QSHELL is an EBCDIC-based "UNIX-like" command line interpreter based upon POSIX and X/Open standards to provide support for the Java Development Kit. The QSHELL interpreter can be used interactively or for running shell scripts. PASE, on the other hand, is "real" UNIX; it is actually AIX, is ASCII-based and looks similar to QSHELL.

With iSecurity Audit, QSH and PASE commands are now logged to QAUDJRN and appear under the standard CD Audit type (Command String Audit) with sub-types 8 and 9 respectively. The shell commands will then appear in the display of QAUDJRN information and the Audit report generator. iSecurity Audit can also react to these commands in real time, sending alters by e-mail, Syslog, SNMP or Twitter, and run CL scripts with parameters from the event itself.

Shmuel Zailer, CEO/CTO at Raz-Lee Security stated: "Raz-Lee's industry-unique support for QSH and PASE logging and reporting once again underlines our commitment to respond to customer's "real-world" requests with best-of-breed functionality."

Mr. Zailer added, "QSHELL support radically changes the importance and capabilities of AS/400 auditing and is another layer in the recent technological announcements of Raz-Lee which include protection and logging of SSH and SFTP (Secured FTP) access to the AS/400 using "virtual" exit point capabilities. In Q1 2012 we plan to further extend "virtual" exit point support to other OS/400 features and capabilities."

About Raz-Lee Security Inc. and iSecurity

Raz-Lee Security is a leading international provider of security, auditing and compliance (SOX, PCI, HIPAA, etc.) solutions for the IBM i. Raz-Lee's customers include companies of all sizes, from SMBs to enterprises with hundreds of systems, in all vertical markets and industries. Financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies are especially well represented amongst Raz-Lee's clientele.

For further information please contact:
Eli Spitz
Vice President, Business Development
Raz-Lee Security Inc.
Tel. (US): 1-888-729-5334
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