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Scope Products Overview

Productivity Tools for Power i

Developer time is the most precious resource of any IT department or software house. Thousands of leading commercial and governmental organizations rely on Raz-Lee tools to maximize productivity for their success and growth.

Raz-Lee is recognized as an industry leader in Power i (System i, iSeries or AS/400) productivity tools, optimizing quality, reliability and ease of use.

Scope Tools

  • FileScope - Data manipulation tool with advanced file editing and reporting capabilities.
  • DiskScope - Disk space usage monitoring tool.
  • OptiScope - Archive and retrieve Power i spool file data, store the data on inexpensive PC equipment and easily access it, using index keys, directly from any terminal.
  • CodeScope - Query and menu window generator that provides users with the ability to open a window on top of an active application screen in order to browse files, transfer code values, display menus and execute menu options.
  • CPUScope - Performance enhancement utility that allows users to greatly improve and streamline system performance by monitoring CPU and I/O activity, and automatically adjusts process parameters and sends messages.
  • WideScope - Allows support staff to efficiently provide technical guidance to users anywhere, from a single terminal, by viewing the contents of any user's screen. Support staff can run commands and manipulate user's objects from their personal terminal.
  • MSGScope - Message file and text alerts keep security officers and administrators informed about security breaches in real-time.
  • FileScope/Tools - Retrieve deleted records, edit data areas, provide a quick review of previous commands and display or edit files using FileScope or any editor of your choice.

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