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iSecurity Action

Real-Time Protective Actions for iSeries Security

iSecurity Action is an essential part of the IDS (Intrusion Detection System) that includes real-time alarms and protective response mechanisms for the iSeries server (System i or AS/400).

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iSecurity Action Features

  • Identification of security breaches and intrusions with automatic, immediate warning notifications to the relevant parties
  • Simple, intuitive mechanism for defining potential security breaches and critical system related events
  • Real-time alerts sent via e-mail, MSGQ, SMS, Syslog, Twitter, SNMP; alert messages can be event-specific, including replacement variables, or standard alert messages. Alerts can be sent as an operator message, SYSLOG, e-mail, SMS (text to mobile), Twitter, SNMP and more. For more about SYSLOG integration with SIEM products click here. And, for more information about SIEM solutions and partnerships see SIEM Solutions and Partnerships
  • Alert messages can be event-specific, including replacement variables or standard alert messages
  • Activation of automatic, immediate responses to security events, Audit Log events, and computer status and operator messages.
  • CL Script Generator which defines corrective responses, for example blocking suspected users, application activation or re-activation, changing file names, terminating user sessions, etc.

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