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Encryption, Tokenization and Key Management Solution

Field (Column) Encryption Features

  • Files are never locked; they are available for application use even when encryption keys are refreshed.
  • Master Keys as well as Data Keys can be automatically changed, unattended.
  • In a multi-site environment, a single key manager can be set to support all sites, centralizing all keys-related activity.
  • Keys are hexadecimal based rather than character based. This provides much stronger encryption for the same usage of computer resources. For example, in AES 256, hex based keys are, 1018 stronger.
  • The product is optimized towards displaying the standard masked data. Choosing this option greatly reduces performance impact.
  • Key Manager, Data Manager, and Token Manager can optionally be installed on different IBM i LPARs.
  • Supports both Encryption and Tokenization.
  • Policy driven security and limitation of capabilities ensures Separation of Duties
  • Comprehensive logs for tracing of activities
  • Full journaling system guarantees that any change in parameters is logged
  • Uses NIST encryption standards
  • Adheres to both PCI and COBIT standards
  • 128-bit, 192-bit, and 256-bit AES encryption supported
  • Based on IBM Native APIs
  • Automatically finds sensitive data fields; product offers selection aids based on field size, name, text, and column headings which prevents a situation where sensitive data is kept in the clear in a forgotten, copied version of a file.

PGP File Encryption Features

  • Helps protect sensitive IBM i data
  • Secures e-mail communications with automatic, policy-based message encryption.
  • Supports regulatory compliance requirements
  • Prevents the need for manual processes to first transfer files to a PC and then encrypt them
  • Ensures real end-to-end encrypted transmissions

Together, iSecurity PGP Encryption & iSecurity Field Encryption, make your IBM i a safer place to store and use data!

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