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iSecurity iBi

IBM i Business Intelligence

iBi is a comprehensive Business Intelligence tool intended to be integrated into user applications (Green or GUI).

iBi makes investigations a snap by graphically isolates the "needle in the haystack" when investigating possible security breaches, critical system activities or planning your resource allocations, and interfaces to all applications such as ERP, HR, Financial etc.

  • Requires no special preparation - runs on your current data
  • Every field becomes a tab - a "dimension"
  • Click any tab to see all the other information summarized according to the values appearing in that tab
  • Drilldown is just a tab away
    • Select subjects to add to the filter
    • Click on another tab to summarize the related information
  • Restricts the user to the subject they are currently working on, e.g. Order, Customer, Account,...

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