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iSecurity IFS Object Security (IOS)

Plan, Check and Set IFS Object Security Attributes by generic names, types

The challenge of securing both native as well as Integrated File System (IFS) OS/400 objects is the basis for all IBM i security due to the unique object-based architecture of the operating system and the fact that user-rights for accessing objects are checked for all operations, whether batch, interactive or over-the-web.

Since OS/400 requires authorizations to be defined per each object in the system, this activity is cumbersome, error-prone and difficult to maintain.

The IFS Object Security solution enables system administrators to easily plan the desired security based on object name and type, check for inconsistencies between actual and planned object security settings, and at will, set as planned. The product includes full reporting features.

The product has been developed based upon requests from customers who successfully implemented the Native Object Security (NOS) product which provides similar functionality for Native Objects.

IFS Object Security Features

  • Full control of all related parameters and resources: Owners, Authorization lists, User authorities, Primary Groups, Object auditing and more.
  • Specific user authorities can be added or can replace existing ones.
  • IFS object security plans are based upon object name, type, and attribute.
  • Multiple Systems (LPARs) definitions with exceptions can be entered to same repository
  • Easily check plan against current object security status and highlight inconsistencies
  • Site-specific definitions can be planned for multi-site, complex organizations
  • Set current security status to the planned definitions
  • Full reporting includes support for OUTFILE

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