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  • ClamAV engine upgraded to improve real-time detection.
  • If the ICAP server is not available at startup, or if the ICAP server becomes unavailable while the real-time scan is running, an email is sent to the administrator.

  • Option 11, Work with Operators, has been moved from the Maintenance Menu (STRAV 82) to the Base Support Menu (STRAV 89).
  • Stabilization for number of (active) parallel jobs in Anti-Virus subsystem
  • Exclude directories fixes
  • Local scan bug fixes
  • ICAP load and start performance improvements
  • ICAP bug fixes

ICAP Client for Anti-Virus is now part of the iSecurity Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) suite. The suite has been restructured to include:

  • Simplified menus and command access:·
    • STRATP         Menu of Anti-Virus, Anti-Ransomware, Object Integrity Validation
    • STRAV           Menu of Anti-Virus
    • STRAR           Menu of Anti-Ransomware
    • STROBJITG    Menu of object Integrity Validation
  • Installation of *BASE (Library SMZ4) is a pre-requisite
    • Fixed authority issues while trying to tag objects (real time or ‘SCANAV’) as scanned. Objects are not  scanned unless they change.
    • Improve object check. Objects tagged as *CHGONLY are only scanned when necessary.
    • Improvement in signature download.
    • Send email when virus is found.


  • Verify database after refresh
  • Add message before scanning file 

Improved ICAP messages

Improved multitasking

Global Changes:

While entering authorization codes in Option 81, there is a verification to ensure that the code corresponds to the product.

  • From each product it is possible to access the iSecurity Base options (89). It includes:
    • – Email definitions
      • Address Book (name can represent one or list if emails)
      • Definitions of the email server
      • Restrictions for where the emails can be send to (by domains or specific emails)
    • Authority code related items
      • Add Authorization Codes – enables entering of authorization codes for multiple products by a single command
      • Display Authorization Status
      • Add Daily Check of Authorization Codes – this will send a notification email once a day if any authorization code is invalid or about to expire soon.
      • Display CPU/Lpar Information – tells you how to obtain the System/LPAR info
        without having to install any iSecurity product.
    • – Other functions have been enhanced.
    • – Added ICAP capabilities

Fix to leave virus DB from old installation.

Send log to recipient list address book.

Add option to Send log file as mail.

Avoid change of system value in Real Time.

Avoid useless change of system values.

Avoid log wrapping