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  • New option: Display Ransomware Compromised (DSPRWCMP). It enables displaying files that are suspected to have been compromised.
  • Improved maintenance of recycle bin
  • Enhanced possibility to use existing user exit program for IBM_QPWFS_FILE_SERV in parallel with Anti-Ransomware.
  • The RTVATPSTS command (Retrieve ATP (AV AR) Status) has been improved, to allow receiving of AV FYI status
  • TPFILSR close file TPLSTRWL right after the chain, to release the file when attack is on
  • Fixed false positive reports of attacks on special picture files
  • Fixed: When Client Access IFS selects an QSYS.lib/QGPL.lib object (Access Client Solutions)  a log entry 6V/1 was created alerting about an Ransomware issue
  • Fixed: AR now considers React Y/N. (STRAR > 3)
  • Addition of PC based attack simulator for known and unknown ransomware
  • Addition of menu item to explain how to use the attack simulator
  • Addition of menu item that explains how Anti-Ransomware detects attacks
  • Completely new menu
  • Simplified reaction definitions
Anti-Ransomware is now part of the iSecurity Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) suite. The suite has been restructured to include:
  • Simplified menus and command access:·
      • STRATP         Menu of Anti-Virus, Anti-Ransomware, Object Integrity Validation
      • STRAV           Menu of Anti-Virus
      • STRAR           Menu of Anti-Ransomware
      • STROBJITG    Menu of Object Integrity Validation
      • Installation of *BASE (Library SMZ4) is a pre-requisite
    1. Threat Control Center – clarified the screen text