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Advanced Threat Protection for IFS

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Ransomware attacks any file it can access including  connected devices, mapped network drivers, shared local networks, and cloud storage services that are mapped to the infected computer. Ransomware doesn’t discriminate. It encrypts every data file that it has access to, including the IFS files.

Anti-Ransomware quickly detects high volume cyber threats deployed from an external source, isolates the threat, and prevents it from damaging valuable data that is stored on the IBM i while preserving performance. Anti-Ransomware is the first component of iSecurity ATP – a comprehensive advanced threat protection solution for defending IBM i IFS files against ransomware and other kinds of malware that may change and/or harm IBM i IFS files.

Anti-Ransomware has been thoroughly tested to ensure its effectiveness.

Key features

  • Real-time scanning for known and unknown ransomware threats.
  • Blocks and disconnects the intruder.
  • Instantaneously sends alerts to SIEM as well as the offending computer.
  • Classification of the attack based on log.
  • Automatic updates with the most current ransomware definitions.

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