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Full Virus Protection for IBM i Servers

iSecurity Anti-Virus is a dedicated IBM i specific product engineered to provide full protection to the server, its file contents, and resident IBM i dedicated software since closed computing environments are all but extinct today. Although the IBM i doesn’t run .exe files, it can house infected files that wait silently till transferred and opened on a PC. In addition, protection and the ability to scan IBM i IFS objects has become necessities of several industry regulations, including the credit card industry’s PCI auditing requirements.

iSecurity Anti-Virus incorporates the latest version of ClamAV’s open source anti-virus engine. Anti-Virus’ user-friendly interface incorporates the most intuitive activation features on the market, helping to keep viruses away from your network and your PC.

Key features

  • Provides full protection against standard PC types of viruses for files and programs used or stored on the IBM i server
  • Scans e-mail attachments when the iSeries is used as a mail server
  • Scans for potentially malicious iSeries code
  • Real-time virus alerts 
  • Real-time anti-virus monitoring of files 
  • Tags infected files in order to prevent them from being used inadvertently
  • Marks clean files in order to prevent re-checks
  • Removes marks/tags if files are changed
  • Scans entire libraries
  • Supports automatic, pre-scheduled periodic scans
  • Automatic virus signature update via the internet
  • Proactive virus signature updates via the network for internet isolated servers
  • Supports PASE which is more than twice as fast when scanning
  • Check specific directories only
  • Meets regulatory compliance requirements

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