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Securing IBM i IFS Against Viruses, Trojan Horses & Malicious Code

Anti Virus ransomware

iSecurity Anti-Virus is a dedicated IBM i specific product engineered to provide full protection to the server, its file contents, and resident IBM i dedicated software since closed computing environments are all but extinct today. Although the IBM i doesn’t run .exe files, it can house infected files

that wait silently till transferred and opened on a PC. In addition, protection and the ability to scan IBM i IFS objects has become necessities of several industry regulations, including the credit card industry’s PCI auditing requirements.

iSecurity Anti-Virus incorporates the latest version of ClamAV’s open source anti-virus engine. Anti-Virus’ user-friendly interface incorporates the most intuitive activation features on the market, helping to keep viruses away from your network and your PC.

iSecurity Anti-Virus Key Features

  • Provides full protection against standard PC types of viruses for files and programs used or stored on the IBM i server
  • Scans e-mail attachments when the iSeries is used as a mail server
  • Scans for potentially malicious iSeries code
  • Real-time virus alerts 
  • Real-time anti-virus monitoring of files 
  • Tags infected files in order to prevent them from being used inadvertently
  • Marks clean files in order to prevent re-checks
  • Removes marks/tags if files are changed
  • Scans entire libraries
  • Supports automatic, pre-scheduled periodic scans
  • Automatic virus signature update via the internet
  • Proactive virus signature updates via the network for internet isolated servers
  • Supports PASE which is more than twice as fast when scanning
  • Check specific directories only
  • Meets regulatory compliance requirements

Until just a few years ago, the iSeries was used almost exclusively in a closed environment, and the OS/400 operating system provided the
strongest data and system security in the world. But times have changed. In today’s world of PCs, distributed databases, the Internet and web technologies, closed computing environments are all but extinct. Technological advances opened up the iSeries to the rest of the world, but in the process, brought with it many of the security risks inherent in distributed environments, leading to a shocking discovery. Although the iSeries AS/400 doesn’t run. exe files, it can house infected files – where they can wait, silently and deadly, until someone on the network transfers and opens that file on their PC.

Raz-Lee Security’s Anti-Virus module, part of our iSecurity suite, offers total protection for the iSeries against viruses, Trojan horses, and malicious code. Anti-Virus scans all accessed files, offers comprehensive virus detection by marking, quarantining and deleting infected files, and prevents your iSeries from becoming an infection source.

Anti-Virus enables you to fight viruses using a specially designed, comprehensive, and user-friendly product. Working extremely fast, AntiVirus’ user-friendly interface incorporates the most intuitive activation features on the market, helping to keep viruses away from your network and your PC.

The Anti-Ransomware modules included in iSecurity ATP identify ransomware and similar malware activity in real-time and take the necessary measures to stop and report it.

  • Automatic, regularly updated database
  • Command-line scanner
  • Database updater with support for digital signatures
  • Can not be disabled by viruses
  • On-Access and On-Demand scanning
  • Built-in support for zip, gzip, jar, and tar files
  • User-friendly, multilingual interface (green screen and GUI) with simple activation features
  • Supports V5R3 Scanning Enablement
  • Integration with OS/400 Scheduler
  • History Log for review and analysis

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