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IBM i Server Application Security & Business Analysis Solution

iSecurity AP-Journal protects business-critical information from insider threats and from external security breaches, notifies managers of any changes to information assets and streamlines IBM i journaling procedures. iSecurity AP-Journal logs the who, what, when and which of activities. It logs database access (READ operations) directly into the journal receivers, which is not provided by IBM i journaling and is an important component of compliance.

Key features

  • Monitors changes to objects, application files and members.
  • Supports periodic file structure changes to application files, enables monitoring application files across changes to file structures.
  • Programmable field-specific exit routines.
  • Real-time alerts indicating changes in business-critical data; these application alerts are activated by user-defined thresholds.
  • Comprehensive reports displaying all application changes on a single timeline in various formats.
  • Reports can integrate information from all the organization’s applications
  • Efficient long-term storage based on special journal containers rather than IBM i journal receivers; reports can be based on these journal containers or on receivers
  • Alerts and reports enable users to meet regulatory requirements such as GDPR, SOX, HIPAA, and PCI.
  • Flexible filtering capabilities for selection of detail level and categories
  • Easy to use, requires minimal setup and disk space
  • Complements high availability IBM i products by ensuring full journal receiver synchronization

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