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ICAP Client for Anti-Virus

remote organizational virus scanning

IBM i Security Solutions


Assesment ibm i data masking

iSecurity Assessment provides an in-depth analysis of the full scope of the IBM i server (System i or AS/400) security strengths and weaknesses, pinpointing the security risks which should be addressed. 

Compliance Evaluator


iSecurity Compliance Evaluator gives chiefs, examiners and system admins a fast, network-wide, Complete summary of their IBM i server’s compliance level with regulations.

About iSecurity

ibm i security solutions

Raz-Lee’s leading iSecurity suite for IBM i (AS/400) helps companies protect valuable information assets against insider threats, cyber attacks and unauthorized external access.

iSecurity For Your IBM i


Firewall ransomware on ibm i

iSecurity Firewall for IBM i is a comprehensive, all-inclusive intrusion prevention system that secures every type of internal and external access to the IBM i server. It enables easy detection of remote network accesses and real-time alerts. 

Field Encryption

Field Encryption for IBM i

iSecurity Field Encryption for IBM i protects sensitive data using strong encryption, integrated key management and auditing. Encryption is vital for protecting confidential information and expediting compliance with PCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, and other regulations.


Audit compliance with gdpr

iSecurity Audit for IBM i enhances native AS/400 auditing by monitoring and reporting on all activities in the IBM i environment. It employs real-time detection to identify security events as they occur and record details in a log file. 


AP Journal hipaa compliance

iSecurity AP-Journal for IBM i protects business-critical information from insider threats and from external security breaches, notifies managers of any changes to information assets and streamlines IBM i journaling procedures. 



iSecurity Safe-Update protects IBM i business critical data against updates by unauthorized programs. Such programs are those who come from a library which is not used to store production programs, file editors, DFU and Start SQL (STRSQL). 


ICAP Client

iSecurity Anti-Virus has been enhanced to support the new ICAP Client. With this solution, the actual virus scanning is performed outside the IBM i, by organizational servers. When the ICAP Client for iSecurity Anti-Virus is enabled, iSecurity Anti-Virus can hand off virus scanning to an inexpensive external server. 


Anti Ransomware for IBM i

iSecurity Anti-Ransomware protects against ransomware attacks and other kinds of malware that may access and change IBM i data on the IFS. It prevents ransomware from damaging valuable data while preserving performance.

Password Reset

ibm i server Password Reset

iSecurity Password Reset automates the resetting of end-user’s password for IBM i while providing self-reliant features and functions. iSecurity Password Reset allows users to verify themselves on the basis of personal questions whose answers only they know.

iSecurity products overview

Learn how Raz-Lee security achieves an outstanding level of expertise and development capacities. The company’s wide-ranging customer base includes large companies in all vertical markets, in over 30 countries worldwide.

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