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User Screen Security Tool

iSecurity Capture is a 5250 screen tracking solution that silently photographs, saves and plays back user sessions on the IBM i  server. Screens are captured and stored in real-time, arranged according to individual capture ‘sessions’, easily retrievable, have flexible scrolling, and a powerful free-text search engine. Capture complements journals and reports with a visual audit trail of user activity. 

iSecurity Capture’s invaluable tracing capabilities allow organizations to conform with the compliance requirements that apply to industries such as banking, insurance, health care, and defense. iSecurity Capture works as both a stand-alone product and as a fully integrated module in the iSecurity suite.

Key features

  • Tracks and monitors suspicious users
  • Runs a playback of all captured screens
  • Includes powerful text search tools
  • Complete solution for common industry tracking regulations, including documenting of queries
  • Real-time screen capture and storage
  • Collection and documentation of CL Scripts
  • Screen captures are selectable by various criteria
  • Option for notifying users upon sign-in that their screens are being recorded
  • Fully integrated with Audit
  • Assists Help Desk and technical support by playing back user screens
  • Legally valid evidence in court

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