WideScope SOX-compliant Technical Support Tool for IBM i WideScope allows Help Desk and support staff to efficiently provide technical guidance to users anywhere, from a single terminal…and remain SOX-compliant! In a fraction of a second, WideScope can reproduce the contents of any user’s screen (emulation or TWINAX) on the Help Desk or support staff’s terminal, […]


FileScope Data Manipulation Product for iSeries FileScope is a leading data manipulation product for IBM i. FileScope provides advanced file editing capabilities, adhering to the highest standards of quality, reliability and performance. FileScope’s powerful tools enable users to quickly and easily use both basic and advanced functions such as view, scan, print, global and local […]


DB-Gate Direct IBM i client-only access to non-DB2 databases DB-Gate empowers IBM i customers with exciting data access capabilities, based on Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), employing standard IBM i facilities to enable fully database-transparent access to remote systems. Using native SQL on the IBM i, users can now access specific files on DB2 and non-DB2 […]


AP-Journal IBM i Server Application Security & Business Analysis Solution iSecurity AP-Journal protects business-critical information from insider threats and from external security breaches, notifies managers of any changes to information assets and streamlines IBM i journaling procedures. iSecurity AP-Journal logs the who, what, when and which of activities. It logs database access (READ operations) directly […]