Database Tools


iSecurity FileScope for IBM i Efficient and secure file editor Data Manipulation Product for IBM i iSecurity FileScope is a leading data manipulation product for IBM i. FileScope provides advanced file editing capabilities, adhering to the highest standards of quality, reliability and performance. FileScope’s powerful tools enable users to quickly and easily use both basic […]

DB Gate

iSecurity DB-Gate for IBM i Transparent access to any Database Remote Database Access from your IBM i DB-Gate empowers IBM i customers with exciting data access capabilities, based on Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), employing standard IBM i facilities to enable fully database-transparent access to remote systems. Using native SQL on the IBM i, users can […]

Multi System

iSecurity Multi System for IBM i Manage and report on multiple systems Unified Management of Multiple Systems iSecurity Multi System manages multiple systems from a single control point. When operating multiple systems or LPARs, iSecurity Multi System allows you to define the tool once and it copies across all systems. Reports can be scheduled to […]