Release News

Assessment Release News

Assessment Release News Version 3.2.33 (September 2021) Changes to System Values: The score for a zero value of QRETSVRSEC is changed from 0 to 30. Recommended value is now 1. The score for QPWDRQDDIF has been corrected.  A value of 1 is the best, 8 is not good and zero continues to be the worst. […]

Antivirus Release News

Anti-Virus Release News Version 7.69 (September 2022) Item 31 on the main menu, “Work with Quarantined Object,” displays a “Display infected objects” screen, containing information on all issues detected, whether in Real-Time or via SCANAV, including the full path for the file. If multiple issues are detected for a file, a line appears for each […]

Action Release Notes

Action Release News Version 14.24 (June 2022) Library changes not affecting this product. Version 14.11 (January 2020) When composing a “Message to Send,” you can now select multiple fields by pressing the F7 key. Version 14.01 (March 2019) DSPACLOG Command now supports: *  Two modes to display data:      – By columns      – By […]

AP-Journal Release News

AP-Journal Release News Version 9.10 (October 2020) Commands that require entry of Application name or Report name, now display the existing names if F4=Prompt is used. Prints of data from an Application or a Report now include the Selection criteria Improvements in HTML/PDF to enable support of special characters, larger files etc. Version 9.06 (July […]

Audit Release News

Audit Release News Version 14.26 (November 2022) You can now run iSecurity Assessment and view Assessment reports from the Base Support menu (STRAUD > 89 > 53). You can now use your organization’s own logo in PDF reports, as shown at STRAUD > 59 > 3: “Rename /iSecurity/LOGO/LOGO.JPG to LOGO-RAZLEE.JPG and place your logo instead. […]

Firewall Release News

Firewall Release News Version 18.33 (June 2022) The order in which scheduled reports can be run has changed. New Product MFA added to SMZ8 library Version 18.26 (October 2020) New main menu item: 15. Incoming/Outgoing Socket Connections In Rule Wizards: For Native Objects (STRFW > 45 > 1 > 5): New option S=Skip, to check […]