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COVID-19 Pandemic

Raz-Lee Security is here for you!

At Raz-Lee Security, we are committed to providing our customers and partners with global, world-class support.

We want to assure you that Raz-Lee Security continues to provide the best support even under the current ever-changing situation surrounding COVID-19.

We are following our business continuity plan, which leverages our global network to ensure that support continues to be provided as in the past. This plan takes into consideration the requirement that staff members have to work from their home offices. This plan has been tested to assure business continuity while maintaining security compliance.

With this plan in place, our regular phones, emails and web meetings continue to work as usual. The only thing that changes is that on-site meetings are replaced by web meetings.

If there are any changes, they will be announced in our website.


Thank you,

Raz-Lee Security team