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DB-Gate Release News

  • A critical update to ensure there is only one serving job per requester job. This is done
    using the sessions’ file.
  • Build time and version are printed now to IFS server log.
  • Native side:
    When starting the server in run mode #2 the DataQueue is recreated.
  • Native side bug fix:
    The log file SMZBDTA/DBXX is made up as member per day.
    The name given to each new member was incorrect.
    Correct member name is now 'L' + YYMMDD.
  • DB‐Gate server on PC:
    AboutDialog – open log: “open file” dialog shows only real logs and hides lock files and directories.
    Log is displayed in an internal real only viewer that has a popup with some basic
  • The definition: os400.stderr=file:/tmp/dbgater_err_sys.txt is removed from the sp.properties file.
    It has been found that the line prevents a 64bit JVM from loading.