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Field Encryption Release News

  • Collect Encryption PF Fields (CLTENFLD) – a new parameter was added: *LASTUSED – the library that was last used.
  • On Activation (search for text: Activate ZENCRPT subsystem) a notification was added: ZENCRPT is auto activated when needed. A minor delay may be noticed.
  • Option 81>1 was slightly changed.
  • Option 81>2 was added (explanation included in screen).
  • Option 21 Force Encryption Rotation was enhanced to include capability for scheduling it to run on a batch job.
  • The following was added to the Maintenance menu:
    • Supporting Commands:
      31 Duplicate Fields for Encryption
      32 Change Authorization Groups
      33 Encrypt/decrypt fields

These are commands that allow working by commands rather than by the regular entry screen.