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iSecurity FileScope for IBM i

Efficient and secure file editor

Data Manipulation Product for IBM i


iSecurity FileScope is a leading data manipulation product for IBM i. FileScope provides advanced file editing capabilities, adhering to the highest standards of quality, reliability and performance.

FileScope’s powerful tools enable users to quickly and easily use both basic and advanced functions such as view, scan, print, global and local record updates, performing data conversion and creating test data. The product offers an easy-to-use user interface, with no programming required.


iSecurity FileScope Key Features

  • Enhances programmer productivity
    • Triggers alert messages and corrective actions
    • High speed report generator, with no prior preparation
    • Subset feature – enables use of field names when defining subsets
    • Query wizard quickly and easily creates queries without programming
  • FileScope includes Unicode support which enables viewing SAP, JDE, MOVEX, BPCS, and other files.
  • Improved SOX/PCI support
    • SYSLOG/SNMP Messages for SIEM – transmits up to 1000 lines per second.
    • User Activity List Email – including users, times and actions.
  • XML support
  • Report Generator
  • Full Screen Update

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FileScope is recognized by iSeries professionals the world over as the leading iSeries product in the area of data manipulation. FileScope provides unprecedented file editing capabilities, while adhering to the highest standards of quality, reliability and performance.

FileScope’s powerful capabilities have enabled many thousands of iSeries users world-wide to quickly and easily perform both basic file editing functions as well as advanced activities such as global and local record updates, data conversion and creation of test data.

The primary focus of FileScope is to enhance general user productivity and at the same time provide super-user level tools to those who can benefit from them: System Administrators and DBAs. FileScope has a simple, easy-to-manipulate user interface and does away with the need to program even a single line of code!

Using Filescope, software development and maintenance times are greatly reduced, and problem troubleshooting is expedited as well, since Filescope replaces ad hoc modification programs, reports, file generating programs, etc. and contains advanced error tracing and identification capabilities.

Unlike other information retrieval and manipulation methods such as DFU or QUERY, FileScope does not require compilation and definition steps. And, unlike SQL, FileScope enables modifying database requests on the fly, performs record updates under your visual control, holds complete control over printing of reports and supports UNDO for any change!

Bottom line- using FileScope, software developers enhance their productivity by more than 25%!

  • Security and SOX related actions
  • Determine which users performed certain activities
  • Audit pre-defined changes such as:
    • List all changes made for records in which ITEMCLASS = LOAN
    • List all updates to records in which &PRICE ADD 20%
    • List all accesses to records in which &PRICEDATE SET 061031
  • Print, e-mail or export a complete audit trail
  • Undo any set of changes, or particular change, performed during the last 99 days.
Full-Screen Editor Access and update all content on a multi-record screen. Efficient and saves time, especially as FileScope enables the user to work on generically named files.
Field Calculations FileScope includes a robust set of tools to define internal fields using formulas which can even be based upon external files and functions!
Multiple File Management Real-time, on-line Join capabilities in order to connect to other files. Supports Joined fields of different types and length.
Report Generator Most efficient report generator around, both batch and interactive. Some of FileScope’s unique capabilities: reports using internal and/or calculated fields, reports using function-derived fields (e.g. external program), support for a range of keys, break level capabilities, transferring results to PC, sub-setting data, advanced page for matting and more.
Batch processing facility Resource intensive activities such as End-of-Day processing can be processed in batch. Repetitive operations can be saved and run directly in batch, without any on-line operator action.
File Scan FileScope offers a wide range of retrieval methods for locating specific records in a file or a subset of records.
Special Printing Print an entire file structure, a single record or a group of records in a multi-record screen format. Standard product capabilities such as Sorting, Record Group Definition, Field Reorganization, etc. provide additional printing power.
Log file changes Log File contains all relevant historical information regarding who created/modified data, thus allowing for easy tracing of every modification. Includes the operations performed arranged by user name, file name and time range.