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Auditing, Monitoring and Reporting for IBM i

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iSecurity Audit enhances native IBM i auditing by monitoring and reporting on all activities in the IBM i environment. It employs real-time detection to identify security events as they occur and record details in a log file. Audit logs can be displayed in simple, graphical formats with accompanying explanations for each entry to aid quick interpretation of statistical information. More importantly, real-time detection triggers alerts and/or takes immediate corrective action.

iSecurity Audit is the only security auditing product available for the IBM i that is designed from the ground up for ease-of-use by non-technical personnel such as outside auditors and managers.

IBM i Auditing
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iSecurity Audit Key Features

  • Real-time monitoring of system-related activities
  • Initiates responses to potential threats
  • Flexibility to audit only the critical events that are deemed necessary
  • Logging QSHELL for QSH and PASE
  • View system audit log information
  • Graphical intelligence and analysis
  • Powerful report generator and scheduler. Over 200+ built-in reports for Auditing & Compliance Reporting
  • Available in the native “green-screen” interface or a state-of-the-art GUI
  • Comprehensive system for managing and controlling disk space
  • Identifies critical IBM i resource change events (CPU, disk space, and other parameters)
  • Identifies peculiar or highly questionable system behavior
  • Action module activation (warning notifications and CL script activation) when the above are identified

Audit is a cutting-edge security auditing application that examines events in real time, and triggers alerts and other responsive actions to potential threats. It contains a powerful report generator with over one hundred pre-fabricated built-in reports. Audit is available in the native “green-screen” interface or a state-of-the-art GUI version.

Recent regulations concerning business transparency have placed security auditing as a key component of any organizational IT security program.  Simply creating a security policy and purchasing security software tools is not enough.  Management must ensure that security polices and procedures are properly implemented and enforced.  In addition, managers must be able to evaluate and test the effectiveness of these policies on a continuing basis.

Audit solves that problem and more. It enhances native iSeries auditing by adding several robust new features and providing a user-friendly interface for working with the large, often confusing number of system values and parameters. Audit is the only security auditing product available that is designed from the ground up for ease-of-use by non-technical personal, such as outside auditors and managers.  The user interface provides clear explanations for all audit types, parameters, fields and field values.

Audit employs real-time detection to identify security events as they occur and record details in a history log. This log enables you to exploit the powerful query and reporting features that are included with the product. More importantly, real-time detection triggers alerts and immediate corrective actions with the optional iSecurity Action module.

Audit offers the most powerful and flexible reporting features available today.  It includes more than eighty ready-to-run queries and reports.  In addition, the powerful Query Wizard allows users to quickly and easily create audit reports without programming. Queries employ robust selection criteria such as AND/OR, equal/not equal, greater/less than, like/not like, included in list, etc. Only the information that you really need is included.  Report formats are fully customizable. In addition, Audit logs display security audit data in a standard message format with the actual data embedded in the message.

  • Monitors user activities and object access in real-time
  • Triggers alert messages and corrective actions (iSecurity’s Action)
  • Simple to use – no technical knowledge required
  • More than 80 pre-defined queries and reports
  • Query Wizard – create queries quickly and easily without programming
  • Time groups apply rules and filters at predefined times
  • “Backward Glance” feature –- quickly look at what happened to your system in the last few minutes
  • View multiple audit types with one query
  • Sort query data in any order
  • Design custom output for query data – select and sort data fields
  • Report Scheduler – automatically run reports at specified times
  • Explanations for parameters and data values are a only keystroke away
  • Audit Scheduler – change audit scope automatically at designated times
  • Specially designed for non-technical users such as auditors, managers and administrators
  • Enables compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and the California Privacy Act
  • Minimizes throughput delay and resource usage
  • Simple, intuitive audit parameter definition process – a real pleasure to work with!
  • Full text explanations of audit types, fields, field values and other data make parameter definition a snap
  • Scheduler feature minimizes performance impact during peak periods
  • Powerful query and report generator provides the data you need when you need it, without tying up IT resources
  • Integrates with iSecurity’s Visualizer to produce rich graphical presentations of audit data
  • Superior human engineering ensures security implementation quickly, efficiently, and without expensive security consultants
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