iSecurity Assessment for IBM i

Advanced Security Scan

Assesment monitoring and logging object changes

Unfortunately many companies hope that the IT security “hot potato” will not become an issue.

Because they believe that IBM i is a secure operating system, these companies downplay the need for a comprehensive security solution for the IBM i.

In reality, every system MUST be checked regularly for compliance, in order to ensure the highest levels of security and auditing possible.

iSecurity Assessment Report

iSecurity Assessment checks your systems’ security-related definitions and values and reports – in minutes – the exact strengths and weaknesses of your computer’s security policies.

The Assessment Report shows:

  • If the network is really protected
  • If ports are wide open to intruders
  • If user sign-on attributes are implemented properly
  • If there are too many power users accessing the network
  • If auditing policies are performing as necessary
  • How secure the network would be by using iSecurity
  • If security policies adhere to IBM’s recommended values
  • The common denominator for object authorities
  • If the network is detecting security breaches in real-time
  • If there is a minimum number of power users defined
  • If the system is PCI, SOX, etc. compliant

Assessment is certified by Raz-Lee Security and outside experts for validity, precision, and accuracy.

How Does it Work?

Advantages of using iSecurity Assessment

  • Performs a thorough check on the efficiency of your System i
  • Hyperlinks help navigate through different sections
  • Provides colorful, graphically-displayed results
  • Provides a detailed written analysis of security policy efficiency
  • Numerical scores help explain results
  • Covers user class, user privileges, system settings, exit points, sign-on attributes, password control, network protection, unattended terminals, and more.

Make the analysis from your PC with iSecurity Assessment

iSecurity Assessment is a Windows-based program for in-depth analysis of the full scope of the IBM i (AS/400) security strengths and weaknesses, pinpointing the security risks which should be addressed. The output is a detailed report, grading each facet of IBM i security, with full explanations.

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use: simply download, execute and obtain results in minutes
  • Intuitive and easy-to-understand
  • Industry best-practice security system value recommendations
  • Raz-Lee certified for accuracy
  • Suggests iSecurity products required for maximum security and compliance
  • Thorough and comprehensive – checks ALL aspects of your system security


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