iSecurity CodeScope for IBM i

Faster answers without lengthy searches

CodeScope iseries audit journal

Users of application programs are continually faced with the problem of having to come up with the correct code or value to enter into parameter and field prompts. Data entry programs in particular, present the user with a whole host of fields demanding the precise response – Customer and Account Numbers, Product and Payment Codes, etc. Human memory has its limits, as does computer memory, and is therefore ill equipped to remember every possible and permissible field code and value.

iSecurity CodeScope

iSecurity CodeScope is designed to be a user-friendly product for auditors, managers, security personnel and system administrators. The user interface follows standard IBM i CUA conventions. 

All product features are available via the menus, so you are never required to memorize arcane commands.

CodeScope functions can quickly and easily be adapted to existing application software – whether program source is available or not. CodeScope automatically gives users the same functionality and ease of use they have become accustomed to in PC programs.

CodeScope lets programmers define query and menu windows, which can then be activated by users needing to search for values and execute additional functions from application programs.

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Key Features

With little or no programming effort you can give your users:

  • Added power and functions through instant file queries, code look-ups and menuing.

  • Applications that are easier to use by providing windows that let users isolate and transfer the data they want with only a minimal number of keystrokes, thereby making users more productive.

  • Faster answers without lengthy searches, note taking and re-keying.

  • The ability to join up to ten files to produce the data in a single window. The use of more than one file is transparent to the user when activating a window.

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