iSecurity Suite Products

Complete Cyber & Security Solutions for IBM i Servers

Raz-Lee Security is recognized as an industry leader in IBM i security and productivity tools. Our iSecurity suite includes over 15 individual products, securing companies’ IBM i servers, as well as their business-critical databases. It supports capabilities such as user monitoring and control, sophisticated reporting and application data tracking – thereby streamlining server security audits.

The iSecurity suite of products helps companies meet their IBM i security and regulatory requirements by providing best-in-class Exit Point Monitoring Integration, Anti-Virus protection of the IFS for malware as well as command line access security.


Detects and prevents attacks by WannaCry, Petya and other similar malware.


IFS virus checks and scans, Native Object Integrity checks, alert by email and by Syslog.

Field Encryption

Column-level field encryption based on IBM’s FIELDPROC, Encryption & Tokenization.

PGP Encryption

Private and Public key technology for encrypting data files end-to-end.