iSecurity DB-Gate for IBM i

Transparent Access to Any Database

DB Gate for IBM i

As your enterprise applications expand in database requirements and complexity, so does the need to access multiple databases from your main application server.

Current methods of accessing specific files on a remote database from within the IBM i require considerable time and resources.

iSecurity DB-Gate Solves the Problem with Elegance and Simplicity

iSecurity DB-Gate empowers IBM i customers with exciting data access capabilities, based on Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), employing standard IBM i facilities to enable fully database-transparent access to remote systems.

  • Using native SQL on the IBM i, users can connect to specific files on DB2 and non-DB2 remote databases without any special hardware or software on the remote DB
  • From interactive STRSQL and from any standard program in RPG, Cobol, C, or other languages, access is now easier and more natural than ever.

DRDA (Distributed Relational Database Architecture), which only connects DB2-like databases, limits the possibility of accessing databases that support JDBC, one of the most common methods for inter-system data access.

How Does it Work?

Advantages of using DB-Gate

  • Expands programmers’ capabilities working with non-DB2 databases
  • Reduces the need for redundant data and ETL
  • Provides detailed traceability logs
  • Eliminates the need for *SQLPCK, even when accessing another DB2 database (including one on the IBM i)
  • Ability to run as Internal or External Server
  • Total and transparent use of STRSQL & STRQM

Simplicity is the Key

How Does iSecurity DB-Gate Work? 

So simply that you don’t need anything else.

iSecurity DB-Gate can work in “Server Mode” as either an Internal or External server

  • Internal Server: A server subsystem needs to be started
  • External Server: Removes load from the IBM i when installed and started from a PC

In both cases iSecurity DB-Gate enables transparent access to any database (MySQL, ORACLE, MS SQL, DB2, Informix, SQLite or other) or data source (e.g., Excel) 

The Database or data source could reside on any IBM or non-IBM platform using STRSQL, STRQM or programs in languages such as RPG, COBOL, etc. (compiled using CRTSQLxxx)

Key Features

  • Unique technology enables transparent access to any database (MySQL, ORACLE, MS SQL, DB2, Informix, SQLite) or data source (e.g., Excel) which resides on any IBM or non-IBM platform using STRSQL, STRQM or programs in languages such as RPG, Cobol, etc. (compiled using CRTSQLxxx).
  • Expands IBM i-based DRDA functionality enabling transparent connectivity with JDBC databases which support DRDA.
  • Native integration with STRSQL enables prompting for remote database Column names and attributes.
  • Use of standard SQL syntax preserves familiar work environment
  • OS/400 Server Authentication integration allows for transparent insertion of user name and password defined to a specific remote database definition.

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