iSecurity GUI for IBM i

Graphic User Interface for iSecurity Suite

GUI ibm i self-service password reset

GUI integrates information from varied sources across multiple environments into a single display.

iSecurity GUI makes it easier for even non-IBM i administrators and managers to configure and use the iSecurity Suite of solutions. Forensic accountants can easily access critical information for review. Users can get very specific security-related data, and view or analyze this information with little or no effort.

iSecurity GUI is provided free to customers that license other iSecurity modules.

iSecurity GUI & Web GUI

Our Graphic User Interface allows you to manage everything across iSecurity Suite. It’s the best way to manage an IBM i from a Windows PC not having to use the Green Screen.

iSecurity Web GUI is an agent-less interface that runs the regular iSecurity GUI in a web browser.

With Web GUI, IBM i SysAdmins can utilize the full depth of iSecurity components including Firewall, Audit, SIEM, Compliance, Authority on Demand, Anti-Virus, Capture, Anti-Ransomware, Change-Tracker, AP-Journal and more. It also supports the use of Visualizer, the integrated Business Intelligence component for instantaneous analysis of security information.

iSecurity Web GUI has been tested on various browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

Key Features

  • User-friendly and intuitive
  • A single-pane view of information from multiple environments
  • Access and control multiple LPARs/Machine
  • Full iSecurity admin functionalities via your PC
  • View report contents via a GUI table or PC tools
  • Integrates with all the iSecurity Suite Products
  • Web-GUI is completely agent-less
  • Multilingual: Spanish, German, French, Japanese and English
  • Timeout controls lock the session, requiring re-identification
  • Connections to the IBM i systems are persistent
  • Easy to display on tablets and smartphones
  • Auditor can use iSecurity in auditor-mode

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