iSecurity Multi Factor Authentication for IBM i

A Powerful Solution to enable Secure Sign On with Ease

multi-factor authentication for ibm i

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) helps organizations meet compliance standards and improve the existing security environment on IBM i. It requires a user to verify his or her identity with two or more credentials before gaining access to sensitive systems and data. Used for achieving and maintaining compliance with the leading industry regulations, such as PCI-DSS. 

Lately it has also become a necessity to qualify for cyber insurance.

Multi Factor Authentication in iSecurity into Action

MFA is actually satisfied by only two factors

User/Password – IBM Standard and One of the Following:

  • One-Time Password
  • TOTP
    • Time Based One-Time Password
    • Changes every 30 seconds
    • RFC 6238
  • Emergency Tokens – Six characters, at least one of which is alphabetic

One MFA is good enough for all of a Person’s activities, from the same IP, for a specified time.


TOTP tokens (RFC 6238), can be generated by the free Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, and many other software or hardware generators.

How Does it Work?

What MFA Controls?

  • Secure Sign ON
  • FTP Server
  • FTP Client
  • ODBC
  • File Server
  • Remote PGM/CMD

Advantages of iSecurity Multi Factor Authentication

Other implementations require complex systems and hardware devices to meet the requirements on Multi Factor Authentication. Here at Raz-Lee, we like to keep things simple. Our solution follows a pure IBM environment standard, and can be implemented in one hour.

“iSecurity MFA servers do not need:

  • Linux Server 
  • Linux installation
  • Linux HA for the above, HA Software 
  • Unique Server Software

“iSecurity Mobile and Desktop MFA access do not need:

  • Special Private Smartphone Application
  • Special PC Application 
  • Other Operative System Knowledge 
  • Special Hardware Disk or Keys

Key Features

  • iSecurity provides Multi Factor Authentication simply, inside the IBM i, as part of the user’s initial program, prompting for MFA at sign-on. No need for multiple login steps — one step is enough.
  • Our Solution works with every Authenticator App available in the Market. We use ANY Token generator, such as Google Authenticator on a mobile phone or by any hardware device. Freedom is part of our Multi Factor Authentication.
  • One MFA authentication covers all of a person’s activity from the same IP range for a specified amount of time. You can specify whether it is requested when the access is from inside or outside that person’s pre-approved ranges of IP addresses.
  • iSecurity MFA is the easiest system to use on the market. It can be ready for all your company’s IBM i systems to use in less than an hour. You don’t have to rewrite or recode a single module in your software.

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