iSecurity Password for IBM i

Password Management

Password reset as400

The most common method of unauthorized system access is via stolen or easily guessed passwords.

Therefore, iSecurity Password includes user-modifiable dictionaries containing thousands of common words and other text strings that are not suitable for use as passwords. It then validates all passwords that are modified using the CHGPWD command. Users cannot assign any words contained in these dictionaries as passwords.

iSecurity Password

iSecurity Password also allows you to manage a variety of password security parameters and maintains a history log of attempts to create passwords. This log can easily be displayed or printed.

With iSecurity Password, potential intruders now have one more barrier preventing unauthorized access to your system.

General-purpose password management product that ensures user passwords cannot be easily guessed or cracked.

As the first line of defense in iSeries access security, Password is a necessary part of your iSeries protection.

iSecurity Password is the first step to keep your IBM i Secure

Key Features

  • 2 dictionaries available for different languages
  • Blocks attempts to use easy-to-guess passwords
  • Additional dictionary useful for technical or company-specific terms
  • All dictionaries are user-modifiable
  • Convenient interface for password and user sign-on parameters
  • History log of user attempts to change passwords
  • Integrates with other iSecurity products such as Firewall and Screen

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