iSecurity Protection Solutions

Complete Protection Solutions for IBM i

Raz-Lee’s iSecurity Protection Solutions provide complete end-to-end Intrusion Detection and Prevention for the IBM i.  The iSecurity suite of products helps companies meet their IBM i security and regulatory requirements by providing best-in-class Exit Point Monitoring Integration as well as command line access security.

Each module in our comprehensive security solutions for IBM i is designed to work independently or collectively to secure remote access, control user authorities and secure objects.

Authority on Demand

Provides temporary extended authorization by Swap or by Adding authority. 


Control validity of System and User commands and their parameters, per user, IP, time, etc.


Network security, controlling Exit Points, Open DB’s and SSH. Rule Wizards and graphical BI.

Multi Factor Authentication

Multi Factor Authentication ensuring Secure Sign On for IBM i.

Password Reset

Self-Assisted password support, Native, in a simple way and Web-based.

Safe Update

Regulates update files in production libraries. It provides a new security layer.